Gen-X Nitrile Exam Glove – Chemo Tested FDA 510K

SPH Medical supplies Gen-X Nitrile Exam Gloves to Hospitals across the country to protect Nurses and all of our frontline healthcare workers. Our industry leading brand Gen-X offers a Chemotherapy Drug tested Nitrile Exam glove that provides premium performance, exceptional protection, and value. The Gen-X brand is a proven Exam Grade Nitrile Glove that often part of the hospitals formulary for regular use. See below for Chemotherapy Drug testing results.


Gen-X Nitrile Exam Glove for Healthcare

Chemotherapy Drug Tested Nitrile Powder Free and Latex Free Examination Gloves are an important component of every hospital safety program and are used by a large number of hospital staff. Hospitals prefer to standardize on one glove that meets the specifications of the Gen-X Nitrile Exam Glove with Chemo Drug testing so that there is no staff confusion about which glove to select.

SPH Medical provides both short and long term supplies for hospitals delivering Nitrile Gloves to ensure that clinical staff are properly protected.

The SPH Medical Gen-X gloves are manufactured by one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world, Smart Glove in Malaysia.  Smart Glove International is a leading manufacturer of high quality Examination Gloves and first received FDA 510K approval for this glove in 2008.  The Gen-X brand is one of 5 leading brands that Smart Glove manufacturers.  Smart Glove provides quality control to ensure their Healthcare, Dental, Clean Room and Food Industry gloves represent the highest standards available.  SPH Medical is pleased to offer the Gen-X Chemotherapy Drug Tested gloves as part of our commitment to strengthen our supply chain through Factory diversity which ensures that we can deliver essential supplies to our customers.

Gen-X Nitrile Exam Grade Gloves are Chemo Drug Tested. They are available in sizes Small through XL.

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Nitrile
  • Sizes: Small through Extra Large
  • Latex: 100% Latex FREE
  • Powdered: Powder FREE
  • Textured: Textured fingers
  • Thickness: 3.5 mil +/- .05
  • Non-Sterile
  • Chemo Rated: Chemotherapy Drug Tested – see charts below.
  • Rating ASTM D6319 and ASTM D6978
  • Packaging: Gloves are sold in boxes of 100 and Cases of 10 boxes = 1000 gloves
  • Grade: Exam Grade and Chemotherapy Drug Tested
  • FDA 510K approved under FDA Approval Number K081385
  • FDA Product Code LZA – Patient Examination Glove and Non-Powered Patient Examination Glove

Product Codes are as follows:


Chemotherapy Drug Testing Results for Gen-X Nitrile Exam Glove

Smart Glove International was recently recognized by Frost and Sullivan for bringing new innovative Medical Gloves to the market.  Read more about Smart Glove’s receipt of the 2020 Global Medical Gloves Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

What is AQL 1.5?

AQL means Acceptable Quality Limit.  Some manufacturers use this strict quality control standard ensures that there is a limit to the number of defects that are acceptable when in a random selected portion of a product batch.