EVA Drive

Now safety comes first for caregivers and heavy patients are lifted with ease!

In hospitals and nursing homes today the cost of lifting and moving patients is causing an increasing number of back injuries and and our patient population is getting heavier.  How do we deal with this challenge?

Our goal is to provide new and innovative lifting and transfer aids that reduce the risk to carers and avoid these load injuries. That is why we have created EvaDive.


EvaDrive is a new motorized mobile lift which greatly reduces the force required to maneuver the patient while in the lift.  Its’ intuitive control handle is so easy and effortless operate it just takes a touch of the fingers to move the lift, even with a patient.

Combined with SPH Medical’s wide selection of slings and accessories, the EvaDrive is the right choice for lifting in connection with transfers to and from the bed and chair, repositioning in bed, limb holding, lifting from the floor, gait training, and more!

Intuitive operation. A completely new way to maneuver your mobile lift.

EvaDrive operates intuitively and almost without force. The handle perceives your every move almost reading your mind!  With the tip of your finger you can move the EVA Drive into very narrow spaces.

EvaDrive will turn, reverse, and run forward simply by gently touching the handle in the desired direction. EvaDrive knows where you want to go – and takes you there!

Incredible New Feature:

The rear wheels turn to any angle by using the control panel buttons.  EvaDrive moves into very narrow spaces enhanced by the lateral movement of the wheels.  This also enables caregivers to reposition patients up in bed!  See the video below for a demonstration.  No other patient lift can do this!

The EVADrive is available as a complete unit or as a retrofit kit for your existing EVA450 and EVA600 patient lifts!

SPH Medical_EvaDrive_Controls

SPH Medical_EvaDrive_Images