The Benefit of SPU Slings and Repositioning Sheets

Single Patient Use (SPU) Slings and Repositioning Sheets offer hospitals and nursing homes an effective and safe way to lift, move, transfer and reposition patients. These SPU slings and sheets from SPH Medical are designed with patient safety in mind, preventing cross-contamination and disease transmission between patients and healthcare workers while enabling the safe lifting, transferring, and mobility needed to improve patient outcomes. The disposable nature of SPU slings and sheets means they are designed to be assigned to one patient and used as long as they are needed and then disposed of when the patient no longer needs them or they become soiled.  These items are considered disposable and are never laundered, saving both time and money, and perhaps more importantly they are also easier to order, keep track of, and store.

Slings and Repositioning Sheets for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Patients at all types of healthcare facilities including hospitals and extended care facilities have unique mobility needs relating to their specific condition and functional ability or deficit. Unfortunately when caregivers use manual techniques to lift, transfer, or mobilize patients, the caregiver is at risk of injury due to overexertion, complicated by handling increasingly heavier patients, and potential awkward body postures.Universal Disposable Sling with Head Support

In addition to the traditional SPU highback sling for seated position lifting, an advanced Breathable Repositioning Sheet is available from SPH Medical that can be left beneath the patient for extended periods of time. When nurses are faced with repositioning patients in bed, Single Patient Use (SPU) repositioning sheets and slings are the best option for reducing the risk of nursing injuries and cross-contamination.

The repositioning sheet was designed to turn and boost the patient up in bed,Breathable Repositioning Sheets improve patient care and can remain under patients the two most common in-bed repositioning tasks.  Another great benefit of sheet is being able to hold a patient in side-lying position for skin assessments and cleaning.

The SPH Medical breathable repositioning sheet has been tested and documented to confirm that there is no increase in pressure or heat as compared to a standard hospital bed sheet.  This testing ensures that the hospital wound care and pressure ulcer team will support the use of the repositioning sheet and will allow it to remain under patients to support boosting and turning.  The repositioning sheet provides support and comfort for the patient during repositioning tasks.

When considering using Single Patient Use slings versus investing capital budget dollars in launderable slings, the availability and accessibility of SPU slings is one of the key benefits.  However, in addition, SPU slings also reduce the risk of spreading life threatening pathogens from patient to patient.  For these reasons, SPU slings and sheets are the ideal solutions to provide safe patient handling and transfers.

The selection of SPU slings available from SPH Medical is comprehensive and designed to provide maximum comfort, stability, and support while lifting or repositioning the patient.

Slings and Mobile Lifts

All SPH Medical SPU slings are mobile lift and overhead lift friendly (ceiling-mounted) comply with industry standards including ISO 10535.  These slings are considered to be universal slings that can be used with traditional hook and loop sling bar or carry bar lift systems.

SPU slings and sheets are designed with patient safety and comfort in mind. A broad range of styles and sizes are offered to ensure the appropriate fit.

SPU slings and sheets are disposable, eliminating the need for costly laundering and reducing the hazard of cross-contamination between patients, nurses, and environmental surfaces. Furthermore, their disposable nature makes them easier to track and keep in stock as a supply item.

SPH Medical SPU slings and repositioning sheets offer hospitals and nursing facilities the opportunity to greatly reduce injury risk to healthcare workers and cross-contamination while providing a comfortable and supportive transfer experience. These universal SPU slings and sheets supplied by SPH Medical are cost-effective when compared to other manufacturers and because they are disposable they eliminate the need for costly laundering.  Of course when using SPU slings and sheets, hospitals and nursing facilities also benefit from improved inventory control and supply management.  Loosing slings in the laundry system or having no slings available becomes a thing of the past.

Durable, Breathable, and Designed to Enhance Patient Mobility

These SPU slings and sheets are highly durable, breathable, and designed to enhance patient mobility, and minimize injury to nurses and caregiving staff. In addition, SPU slings and sheets reduce cross-contamination risk and can help reduce healthcare associated infections. SPU slings and sheets are cost-effective, reducing the need for costly laundering, and can be easily tracked and stored. All in all, SPH Medical’s single-patient use slings and repositioning sheets are outstanding products for hospitals and nursing facilities.  With supply chain issues affecting many other manufacturers and suppliers, SPH Medical stands ready to supply these critical supplies to hospitals nationwide to support daily patient care.

SPH Medical’s single-patient use slings and repositioning sheets are essential items for hospitals and nursing facilities to support safe patient handling programs, nurse injury prevention, and the lifting, transferring, repositioning, and mobility of patients.

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