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Ambulation Training Using Modular Steps

Ambulation Training Using Modular Steps

Physical therapists know that the key to helping their patients recover from an injury or illness is to provide them with safe and effective ambulation exercises. In a rehab gym setting, modular steps can be used as an effective way for physical therapy staff to help their patients gradually increase endurance, balance control, and strength while remaining safe in their movements. By starting with smaller sizes of steps and progressing through large ones, physical therapist can create customized training plans tailored to each patient’s strength level and progress rate. Read on find out how else modular steps are revolutionizing the way physical therapists approach ambulation training!

Modular steps can be used to create a variety of ambulation exercises. For example, physical therapists may have their patients practice walking up and down the steps in both directions for a greater challenge. They can also incorporate upper body strength and stability drills by having their patients stand on the modular steps and perform arm raises, leg lifts, squats or other body weight exercises. Additionally, because the modular steps are adjustable in size and height, they can be used to simulate different terrains that a patient may need to negotiate in everyday life.The Rolling Step by SPH Medical is perfect for ambulation training in small clinics or any rehab gym

Lastly, when physical therapists use modular steps for ambulation training, they know that their patients are training on a safe surface. Modular steps provide superior traction and allow for better stability, reducing the risk of slips or falls during exercises. They are also lightweight and easy to transport so physical therapists can move them around the rehab gym as needed.

Overall, modular steps are an invaluable tool for physical therapists who are looking to provide their patients with safe, effective ambulation training. With adjustable sizes and heights, they can create a variety of exercises tailored to each patient’s individual needs. In addition, they offer greater stability than other surfaces do which allows for safer movements during recovery. Give your patients the best chance at success by incorporating modular steps into your facility!

There is a new trend in physical therapy rehabilitation called overground training. Overground gait training can be defined as a physical therapists’ observation and cueing of the patient’s walking pattern along with related exercises, but does not include high-technology aids such as functional electric stimulation or body weight support. That being said, researchers at USC University in Southern California are using SPH Medical’s overhead patient lift system for overground training. This innovated lab environment uses an X-Y patient lift system to support a patient only if they fall while walking over ground. Utilizing a variety of harness options, the research team can evaluate and observe the subjects walk over normal and uneven surfaces that mimic the real world.  The design team at SPH Medical worked with the USC researchers to design a system that provided very little impact on the subject that is walking while offering the fall protection to catch the subject if they were to fall.  The purposes of the research being performed is to look at how the body reacts or anticipates potential falls while walking over uneven surfaces. The results may provide clues to how the body reacts and any early precursors to falls that can be measured and predicted.  This research may benefit post stroke patients and many others.

Regardless of the setting, modular steps are a great way to provide ambulation training for patients. Whether using them in a traditional gym environment or with more innovative overground approaches, physical therapists can help their patients get the most out of their recovery by incorporating the use of modular steps into their rehabilitation plan. Modular steps offer stability and support

SPH Medical offers a variety of modular steps and ramps to meet your facility’s needs. Browse our selection today and find the perfect one for your ambulation training!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at any time. We look forward to helping you find the best solution for your rehab gym. Visit our product pages here to order your steps today.

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