Halo Case Studies:

Hospitals are achieving significant reductions in HAI’s and saving millions of dollars in costs by implementing the Halo Fogger.  See how Penn Hospital and Soutwestern Vermont Hospital achieved their results and why they chose Halo in the case studies below.

Download the Penn Hospital Case Study by clicking here.

Download the Southwestern Vermont Hospital Case Study by clicking here.


HAI Cost Calculators:

What are HAI’s costing your facility?   Here are two cost calculators that help you estimate the cost of an HAI based upon either national average data or using some of your own facility related information.  These are provided as a free resource from, The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

APIC Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections Model

This cost calculator is designed to demonstrate the costs associated with infections and the savings realized by preventing them. It also provides tables and graphs that describe the financial impact of infections at your healthcare institution. By using your own data, you can customize this report for your respective facility. If you don’t have your own data, APIC has provided data from national studies to estimate economic endpoints. Use of your healthcare organization’s data will reflect the financial impact of infections to your institution.

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TMIT-APIC Healthcare-Associated Infections Cost Calculator

This cost calculator was developed in collaboration with the Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT) and APIC. It provides an alternate method to determine the cost of healthcare-associated infections from the APIC cost calculator.

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To Learn more about deadly bacteria threatening our hospitals and communities watch this Frontline special on PBS titled: “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria”:  Click here to watch the video.
A USA Today investigation shows MRSA bacteria emerging in our communities.  Click here to view the report.
Cubist Pharmaceuticals is waging a war against superbugs. Read more.
Watch the Halo Fogger System Introduction Video:

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Watch the Halo Fogger System Operation Video:

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Mobile Devices Pose a Threat to Patient Safety – Article and evidence summary:


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