Beka Nora Alu

Beka Nora Alu Sit to Stand, Mobilize patients safely

A modern sit to stand patient mobility device.  The Nora ALU was designed for patients who can actively participate with some leg strength.  As we know, patients with weak legs are considered a fall risk and require assitance to move from bed, chair or wheelchair.   The Nora Alu enables nursing staff to safely transfer without putting nursing staff at risk of injury.  The Nora ALU is an ideal solution to promote improved function and patient mobility.


Beka Nora Alu Features

  • Extra soft double knee pads – highly adjustable
  • Two sling attachment points for different patient heights
  • Available in Standard clip sling pins or with loop hooks for using loop slings
  • Hand control with battery charge status
  • 100% aluminum
  • Great for Shower bathing areas with splash water resistance
  • Maximum patient weight 440 lbs / 200kg

Two different sling attachment options:

  • Clip Style – Uses clip style sling attachments. Compatible with other major brands of clip style slings including Arjo.
  • Loop Style – Uses universal loope style sling attachments. Compatible with other major brands of loop style slings including.

Additional information


Stand-up/raising sling NORA, size S – Part # 278671
Stand-up/raising sling NORA, size M – Part # 278672
Stand-up/raising sling NORA, size L – Part # 278673
Stand-up/raising sling NORA, size XL – Part # 278674
Double knee pad NORA, extra soft – Part # 278632
NORA carry bar loop pin kit – Part # 278612