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Electrostatic Sprayers

SPH Medical is where you can find the best electrostatic sprayers at the lowest prices. Multiple sprayer options are found in our inventory that all range in the features they carry. Some models are easily portable, while others are more difficult to maneuver around. The advancement of the features included greatly influence the overall price of the unit, but we strive to provide fair rates on all of our products. A comparison of the available options can help determine which model is right for your needs and your budget. The following three options are available at SPH Medical:

  • SPH SC-ET-HD Portable Electrostatic Sprayer
  • SPH-BP1 Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer
  • SPH-XT3 Professional Electrostatic Sprayer

SPH SC-ET-HD Portable Electrostatic Sprayer Details and Product Information

This compact and self-contained sprayer has a style that resembles a suitcase or travel luggage. It is primarily used when sanitizing, cleaning, or disinfecting public areas, such as parks or retail spaces. The SPH-SC-ET-HD portable sprayer comes equipped with a spray nozzle hose that is approximately fifteen feet long. The impressively large tank holds one and a quarter gallons of liquid. An easily accessible handle and attached wheels improve the transport abilities of this model. The SPH-SC-ET-HD sprayer is guaranteed to be one hundred percent compatible with any disinfectants or cleaning solutions from SPH Medical that are water based. The air supply required for use is included with the purchase of the sprayer. The total weight of this model is just under forty nine pounds. This model has a flow rate of one gallon per hour.

SPH-BP1 Backpack Sprayer

Another great option we offer at SPH Medical is the SPH-BP1 backpack model. This model offers two and a half gallon size options, as well as four gallon sizes. A standard one hundred foot hose is included, but an upgraded model of three hundred feet can be an optional addition. The PVC tank is equipped with state of the art UV inhibitors, and the straps of the unit are made with nylon. This model is compatible with all water based solutions from SPH Medical, including disinfectants and sanitizers. When empty, this model only weighs seven pounds, but when it is filled, this model can weigh up to forty two pounds. The spray range of this sprayer is around fifteen to twenty two feet, but the size of the hose plays a role in determining the range of spray. A three headed spray gun for the nozzle can be purchased for an additional fee.

SPH-XT3 Professional Electrostatic Sprayer Product Details and Information

The SPH-XT3 is of professional commercial grade quality. The stainless steel tank is pressurized and comes with a workhorse sprayer nozzle that has liquid and air hoses that are twin lined.  The standard hose size is one hundred feet, but an optional hose of two hundred fifty feet can be purchased. The three gallon tank is large, but still is lightweight. The overall dolly like design makes it easy to move this sprayer from one location to another. It is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting large medical clinics, offices, or hospitals.

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