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Disinfection Services

Clean and sanitary surfaces are essential, especially during a pandemic. Pathogens can survive on many types of surfaces for a lengthy time. You need to make sure that your facility is clean and free from dangerous contaminants. When you want to keep your building safe from harmful bacteria, you need professional disinfection services. At SPH Medical, we offer a variety of services, including the disinfection of the interior of buildings.

How Can We Keep Surfaces Clean and Sanitary?

Simply wiping down surfaces may not be enough to get rid of pathogens. Since these types of substances are invisible, you won’t know whether you removed them. Our professional disinfection services use multiple steps to disinfect your environment thoroughly. Our measures include cleaning and then disinfecting to provide a lasting defense against pathogens such as Covid-19. Professional cleaning and sanitizing is the only way to be sure that the surfaces in your building will always be clean and safe. We offer regular cleaning based on your specific needs.

Types of Buildings That We Clean

At SPH Medical, we offer expert disinfection services for a variety of types of buildings. Some of the facilities that we clean include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, gyms, sports facilities, and office buildings. We work hard to make sure we properly clean all of the surfaces in your environment. We offer a variety of options depending on your requirements. When you want to open your business or facility to the public, you need to make sure to disinfect all the areas thoroughly.

What is the Disinfection Process?

Disinfection is more than cleaning. Our process begins with an inspection and assessment of the facility. We start by providing a thorough cleaning of the surface. Once the area is spotless, we then disinfect the area to remove any pathogens that could be left and to protect it from further harm. We use products that are appropriate and approved for the types of areas that we are disinfecting. If you have a large area, it may require decontamination according to CDC guidelines. We always use procedures and products that are approved by the EPA and FDA. At SPH Medical, we are a leading provider of disinfection services in Orange County.

Call SPH Medical

If you need a plan for cleaning and disinfection services, we can help. We will review your facility and provide you with a proposed cleaning plan based on our vast experience and knowledge and in accordance with governmental guidelines. We will implement the plan to provide the best possible services. You can trust that our team will completely clean the environment based on our plan. Once complete, we will maintain and reassess your facility regularly. We are here to provide you and your employees, tenants, and customers with peace of mind. When you use our services, you will be sure that you will have a safe place at all times. Contact SPH Medical today to discuss your cleaning and disinfection needs with one of our experienced consultants.

Disinfection Services

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