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AirPal SPS Disposable Transfer Pads

The Single Patient Stay lateral transfer pad by SPH Medical offers the safest way to transfer patients and provides a lower per patient cost than other products.

One patient – one pad!
Some disposables are not durable enough to last throughout a patient’s hospital stay†. These “single-use” disposables can be very expensive to use over the long term. Airpal SPS changes all that with a rugged design that holds up for multiple lateral transfers. Designed with advanced fabrics and coatings, the Airpal SPS is easy to wipe clean with standard anti- bacterial cleaners, and under certain conditions, it can even be laundered.

Lower cost per patient than single-use disposables!
The Airpal SPS is the highest quality disposable transfer pad on the market, offering exceptional cost-effectiveness and economy – just what you’d expect from the premium heath care specialists at SPH Medical and AirPal!

* Widths 34, 39, 50 x 78” long
* One patient – one pad
* May be used for multiple transfers during patient hospital stay †
* Made with advanced fabrics that are easy to clean, even launder
* Compliant with “Safe Patient Handling” Programs and Policies
* Compatible with most equivalent air supply systems
* Safe Working Load 1000 lbs / 450 Kg

* Improved staff morale and efficiency
* Dramatically reduced staff injuries (MSDs) and worker’s compensation costs
* Increased patient comfort and reduced patient anxiety with transfers
* Enhanced infection control in patient handling procedures
* Lower cost per patient than single-use disposables

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