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AirPal SPS Disposable Transfer Pads

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AirPal Platform
SPH Medical is the nations leading lateral transfer solution provider offering the gold standard of AirPowered lateral transfer systems, AirPal. Over thirty years ago, AirPal, Inc. brought you “The AirPal” – the industry’s FIRST air-assisted lateral patient transfer systems for enhanced patient comfort and reduced nursing injuries. Over the years there have been many imitations, but none have matched the quality or the savings of a genuine AirPal!

AirPal PLATFORM lateral transfer pads are made in the USA and guaranteed to last 5 years. You won’t get that kind of a promise from the competition! Why continue to buy 1 year transfer pads? Why not cut your replacement costs today and use AirPal quality PLATFORM pads with your current air supplies (Hovertech Hovermatt, EZ Way EZ Matt, Stryker Glide, etc.)?

AirPal Disposable Transfer Pads:

One patient – one pad!
Some disposables are not durable enough to last throughout a patient’s hospital stay†. These “single-use” disposables can be very expensive to use over the long term. Airpal SPS changes all that with a rugged design that holds up for multiple lateral transfers. Designed with advanced fabrics and coatings, the Airpal SPS is easy to wipe clean with standard anti- bacterial cleaners, and under certain conditions, it can even be laundered.

Lower cost per patient than single-use disposables!
The Airpal SPS is the highest quality disposable transfer pad on the market, offering exceptional cost-effectiveness and economy – just what you’d expect from the premium heath care specialists at SPH Medical and AirPal!

AirPal Ramp
Working in conjunction with some of the world’s leading practitioners, we’ve developed a unique modular approach to patient positioning. By assembling special purpose pneumatic AirPods™, we’ve given you the ability to raise, lower, or laterally move your patient with unprecedented ease and precision for a variety of medical procedures. No longer will Operating Room personnel, for example, have to lift a patient’s upper torso and wedge in towels or linens to change position for a patient intubation. The results? Less risk of intubation injury for patients, and less risk of back injuries for nurses. Easier position adjustments for the physician. Greater comfort for the patient. And fewer soiled towels for the laundry!

SPH Medical provides a total solution for all of your Safe Patient Handling needs. Visit our product pages by clicking on the images below or visit the Education and Training page for AirPal documents, a live online Learning Module with Quiz or demonstration video.

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AirPal SPS Disposable Transfer Pads
The Single Patient Stay lateral transfer pad by SPH Medical offers the safest way to transfer patients and provides a lower per patient cost than other...
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