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New! The PositioningSling – Disposable

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Assistive devices for short term use provide optimal hygiene and safety SPH Medical offers an increasing selection of easy-to-use transfer assistive devices for short-term use, all made of a strong and durable disposable material. Instead of laundering these products are discarded after use, when they get soiled or when the patients no longer need them anymore, instead of being cleaned. This prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infections bacteria. • Sturdy and durable non-woven material • Intended for short-term use • Discarded after use, when the product gets soiled or when the patient no longer needs it, instead of being cleaned • Prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of contagious bacteria At the moment, the disposable range includes the following items, and others are on their way! View Brochure

Breathable Repositioning Sheet Disposable
EasySlide Disposable - Low Friction Slide Sheets
AirPal SPS Disposable Transfer Pads
The Single Patient Stay lateral transfer pad by SPH Medical offers the safest way to transfer patients and provides a lower per patient cost than other...

New! The PositioningSling - Disposable
with Seat Support